2″ Signature Express Real Wood Blinds

Manufacturer: Signature

With Deco Valance
2 Year Warranty From Manufacturer Defects
Wood Blinds Come With Child Safety Tassels
See Deck For Colors

Warranty, Care and Cleaning of your 2 REAL WOOD Blinds

REAL WOOD Blinds are 50% lighter than FAUX WOOD Blinds. Large blinds may still be difficult to lift. When lowering large WOOD blinds, first lift up on the bottom rail to release tension on the cordlock. When lifting a large WOOD blinds, lift up on the bottom rail to minimize tension on the Cord Tilter and cord lock. Regular cleaning with feather duster or soft, clean cloth is suggested. Blinds can also be cleaned using a hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment on low suction, or with a mild soap and water. Professional ultrasonic cleaning can be utilized.
Do not use cleaning methods including heat, abrasives or solvents. Use of these products will void the warranty. Signature Window Coverings 2” EXSPRESS REAL WOOD blinds are covered by a two year manufacturer’s Warranty. Products are warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship during this two year period. Conditions or damage caused by abuse, accidents, alternations misuse or failure to follow instructions for installation, and care and cleaning will not be covered. Normal wear and tear, including but not limited to fading or yellowing over the lifetime of the product is considered normal. eterioration when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, and cord failure as a result of wearing out over time are also not covered under the 2” Express REAL WOOD Blinds create a natural look that’s attractive and extremely durable. Decorative Royal Crown Valance with mitered cut, ¾” Returns for a clean, attractive look. 2” Express REAL WOOD Blinds are available in White or Pearl. All parts and components are color coordinated. Standard operation is Cord Tilt on the left, Pull Cord on the Right. Break-away tassels are color coordinated safety devices passing ANSI/WCMA 5.2.4